The World’s Most Boring Planter

That title probably seems redundant because how exciting could a PLANTER be? But, hey! Good news! You can actually spice up a planter :)

Whitney did a planter update on her blog not long ago and I am so thankful that I read her blog religiously because this planter has been an eye sore since Bobby and I got it back in 2008. It’s from IKEA, it was cheap, and we just wanted some greenery in our apartment at the time.

I feel compelled to tell you that if you just went and looked at Whitney’s update…mine isn’t nearly as glamorous. Okay, now that I got that off my chest…

How to Fancy Up Your Boring Planter


First, I laid down a drop cloth (we always have these on hand but if you don’t have one I would put down some old newspaper) and then, with a basic pattern in mind, I taped off certain areas of the planter. I didn’t want it to be uniform looking so I taped sections off at varying thickness.


I used the Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in Antique Gold (because I am and probably always will be obsessed with gold accents) that I had picked up during one of my many Home Depot trips and a 1 inch chip brush.


IMG_0609I painted three coats and then let the paint dry for a few hours.

While the final product isn’t a beautiful masterpiece, I am happy that I was able to spiff this little planter up with a minimal amount of money and time.

image (76)

photo (7)

The bathroom is coming along, I just have to get some more things on the walls, and I think I am going to eventually put the planter on a small table of sorts.

To be honest, these little DIY projects are my favorite ones to do. Instead of tackling building something out of nails and wood (which I do want to do eventually), I am able to build up my DIY abilities slowly but surely. Every little craft I am able to check off my list makes me giddy. And, I know I’ll eventually be able to put together something really impressive and crafty….right?

2 thoughts on “The World’s Most Boring Planter

  1. Whitney @ drab to fab says:

    You are so sweet! Thanks for such a nice compliment, but let me tell you that yours totally rocks!! I freaking love me some gold too, and it adds such a nice pop to your planter and bathroom! Way to go chick! I know what you mean about fun little DIY projects…ones like this are so much fun! :)

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