Lawless to the Rescue

When we first moved in, we noticed that there was something about the kitchen that just

Bobby’s Mom was the first to point out what it was. The knobs on the cabinet!


They were just a little too…fiesta for us. I’m sure they would fit very well in other kitchens, but in this one in New England, they just felt out of place.

Derrick Lawless to the rescue! I’ve told you guys about D. Lawless Hardware in the past because we used their hardware for our dresser update.


Since that project Derrick graciously asked if I wanted to partner up with them for future projects and I could not have been more excited. Not to mention, it was great timing considering our most recent move. Updates galore! Which brings me right back to the kitchen cabinet knobs.

We scoured the D. Lawless website and decided the Hint Of Heritage Satin Nickel Knob was perfect for our little kitchen. They are much smaller and sleeker knobs than the ones that were living in the kitchen at the time.

We LOVE the update and highly recommend Derrick Lawless and D. Lawless Hardware for any hardware updates you guys need to make. They is da coolest.

You may notice that Henry is almost always in the “project” pictures that we take. Henry loves to hang out with Bobby and I. LOVES IT. So, if we are working on a project together, Henry is alllll about being involved no matter how much he is in the way :)

So fresh and so clean clean.

This is probably the best picture that represents the difference in the knobs.

IMG_0441See what I mean about a big difference? No? Wellllll, trust’s a BIG difference.



Ahhhhhhhhhh so much better :)

Since this little update, we’ve made several other changes around the house that I am so excited to share with you guys so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated for my opinion on D. Lawless Hardware. I was given the hardware as part of my rad a** partnership with D. Lawless Hardware :)

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