A Look Back at 2013

In the same breath that I can say, “I can’t believe that 2013 is over!” I can also say, “Jeeeezum crow, this has been a long year.”

I think, perhaps, moving twice has added to the feeling of having done too much A LOT in 12 months.

Here’s a little look back at the year.

* Gone Banannas was born! Read my very first post here.


*Henny boo boo turned one! 

Things to consider before taking a picture: Did you just wake up? And, are you wearing a gray suit?

*Twas the year of the all-my-friends-are-starting-to-get-married! (And so far, 2014 holds SIX weddings for us!)


*We turned a zero into a hero with our curbside dresser turned white beauty with the help of D. Lawless Hardware and blood, sweat, and tears. No no no…just sweat and tears :)


*Speaking of D. Lawless. Girlfrand got her first partnership!

*ALOHA! We went to Maui Wowie!


*We moved for the umpteenth time!

Not the best picture but, hiii, I love you and I am never leaving.

A bunch of other things happened as well but those were definitely some of the highlights.

2013 is one for the books!

This has no relation to anything, I had to include it because…just look at it.

2 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2013

  1. Whitney @ drab to fab says:

    You guys were so busy this year, and yes, you totally got A LOT done! I can’t believe you managed to get in some DIYing during those two moves! Who knows, maybe there will be some wedding planning for you in 2014! Happy New Year girlfrannnnd! Cheers! :)

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