Life in GIFs

Heyyo, for all those who are new here, occasionally I do posts using GIFs to illustrate my thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. If you aren’t really into GIFS than….that’s cool…I guess.

Realizing I have very, very few Cadbury mini eggs left:


When I’m eating and my dog stands next to me drooling profusely and blasting his hair into the air with every shake of his body:


There is no doubt in my mind that this will be how Bobby teaches our kids life lessons:

When you get up to the register at Starbucks and they say “Oops! We JUST ran out of that thing you love!” :


When every bill has been paid and you still have FUN MONEY!:

When I need to convince someone to run errands they rather not do:

Any and all times I am asked if I want Chipotle:

Trying to think of reasons to get Comcast to give you HBO for free:

Reaching for your Gatorade after you’ve had one too many Chardonnays:

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