*Frustration Grunt* The Treadmill

Good grief am I having a tough time with the treadmill.

As most of you have probably guessed, I’ve begun my marathon training! Whoop whoop!

Since I don’t feel safe running in the dark (occasionally, I’ll do it) and it gets dark so early these days, I am forced to work out at the gym. And, ladies and gentlemen, you are reading the words of a lady who is NOT A FAN of the gym. Or, perhaps, maybe it’s just the gym I belong to, whatever, either way, I am having a hard time.

For instance, let’s take a deeper look into today’s attempted workout.

I get to the gym, change, walk over to the mirror to put my hair up and SHIIIIITTTTTNOOOWHYYYYY I forgot my hair tie. Queue me rushing back to my locker where my bags resided to desperately search through said bags crevices to pleasesweetjesus find a hair tie. No luck. Okay, okay, don’t panic…..USE YOUR HEADBAND. I wasn’t a total dumb ass today and I packed my headband, phew.

I walked through the gym quickly over to the treadmills hoping that no one would notice that what was keeping my hair up in pony tail fashion was something that strikingly resembled a scrunchie. #cringe.

Hop on dat treadie, do 2 minutes of warm up (bring on the power walking) and start to run. Headband proceeds to fall right out of hair. GREAT.

It’s cool, it’s cool. Now, I am no longer the woman running with a scrunchie in her hair, I am full blown running with my hair down and the headband in. I take 20 seconds to thank the heavenly stars above that I don’t have Kardashian hair and carry on.

Heading along great at about a 9:22/mile pace and WHAM, go to adjust my headphones and end up hitting the stop button on the treadmill. FOREHEAD SLAP.

I take a moment to curse under my breath, and start back up.

Queue the need to use the bathroom. Enough said.

And, finally, a man gets on the treadmill next to me with the amount of cologne on that a 14 year old might mistakenly use while preparing for his first dance.

That’s it, I was done.

I didn’t get my whole run in and I felt annoyed about it, but staying on that treadmill for another second was NOT in the cards for me.

I’ve read a couple different ways to stay motivated and engaged on the treadmill and I’ve put them into action. Things like, raise and lower the incline and do some speed work. I even started listening to Serial (sidenote: This podcast is totally addicting. I am not caught up yet though so NO SPOILER ALERTS ANYONE) which I was hoping would distract me from the task at hand. Unfortunately, nothing has seemed to help too much. I still find myself bored and too hot. TOO, TOO HOT.

I am going to try running in the morning more often to see if that helps at all because I’ve heard that can make all the difference in energy and motivation.

Readers: What about you guys? Do you have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill? Have you found anything that works for you? And, to the person who is thinking “JUST RUN OUTSIDE THEN?” I KNNOOOOOWWWW.