Shocked, Humbled, and Beaming

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My mind was blown earlier this week when I checked my fundraising page – which I typically do several times throughout the day – and saw that I had reached 100% of my goal. The charity gives us up until a month after the marathon to get all our fundraising done so to already be at at least one finish line feels fantastic!

When Bobby and I first made the commitment to run Boston with the Miles for Miracles team back in October I very honestly couldn’t decide which I found more daunting – running 26.2 miles or raising $5,000.

The miles were something I had control over. It was entirely up to me whether or not I was going to be able to tackle that distance (and since the marathon isn’t for another 6.5 weeks, I’m still not sure I can), but the success of the fundraising was almost entirely up to my friends, family, colleagues, and extremely generous strangers. I had to trust that, if I got the word out enough, people would want to support me and support an amazing charity.

I am so humbled by all the support Bobby and I have received. We had an incredible turnout at our fundraiser a couple of weekends ago which helped bring in a lot of donations. It reminded me of just how many people we having backing us as we near the end of our journey to Boylston Street and I could not be prouder or more grateful for that!