When Autumn Comes, It Doesn’t Ask, It Just Walks In, Where It Left You Last

Thank you Johnny Mayer for such a poetic description of the entrance of fall, otherwise, I had no idea what I was going to title this post.

In my opinion, fall has entered more like this:

She is reeaaally having a hard time getting going. Fall arrived, than decided to stall out a bit and give us some 80+ degree days, and now she is sashaying back in with some cool, gray days.

I have such a fondness for fall. Whenever Bobby and I talk about the someday of marriage, we both agree that we would love to tie the knot in the fall. Everything is just so crisp and alive. The foliage, the smells, the air – breath it in…ahhhhhh….


This past weekend, I really got into it with some baking. I made two loaves of pumpkin bread (I used this recipe but I made two large loaves instead of three smaller ones) and an apple crisp – if that doesn’t scream fall, god dammit, I don’t know what does!

Although the weather in New England is currently rather dreary – this area of the country reacts physically to their beloved football team losing their marbles – one can still appreciate the cooler air and changing leaves.

I am hoping to get some apple and pumpkin picking in this October even if it is turning out to be one of the busier months of this year.

Is it just me or does life feel a little bit like a trip into space and light speed? I cannot believe it is already October and that the end of 2014 is just around the corner.

Readers: Do you like fall? What are your favorite fall activities? Are you not a fan of fall at all? (WHO ARE YOU – MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN!)

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